Health Law

YUKA Law Office provides services regarding resolution of disagreements resulting from doctor-patient-medical institution relationship, malpractice (a type of negligence in which the professional under a duty to act fails to follow generally accepted professional standards, and that breach of duty is the proximate cause of injury to a plaintiff who suffers harm) handling negligent and deliberate offense in respect of criminal and compensation law.

Our services include also the following aspects:

  • Patient rights,
  • Responsibility of physician in respect criminal and compensitaion law,
  • Legal responsibility of the private health care institutions,
  • Misdiognased and wrong treatment,
  • Liabilities arising medical malpractice and complications,
  • Drafting necessary documents and forms of medical service providers,
  • Material and moral indemnity cases,
  • Hospital Law,
  • Forensic Medicine Law,
  • Providing legal aid and consulting regarding medical legislations,
  • Health Products Distributorship Agreements and consulting on the Ministry of Health authorization procedures.