Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law

YUKA Law Office provides advocacy and consultancy services to domestic and foreign companies and real persons to collect their receivables in Turkey. The main principle is to ensure the client to obtain his receivables in the fastest manner with the lowest cost.

YUKA Law Office represents major corporations, international banks, insurers, company liquidators, bankruptcy trustees and directors on debt collection and related matters.

  • Initiation of executive proceedings at the enforcement office with the executive proceedings ways such as attachment, foreclosure of chattel mortgage and mortgage,
  • Collection of check and bill of exchange,
  • Evacuation of leased real property,
  • Obtaining provisional attachment decision,
  • Suit of nullity and withdrawal of appeal suit,
  • Negative declaration action,
  • Third-party claim proceedings,
  • Bankruptcy law suit,
  • Postponement of bankruptcy,
  • Action of debt.