Commercial,Corporate & Business Law

YUKA Law Office provides legal assistance and consultancy to its domestic and foreign clients within the scope of the New Turkish Commercial Code.

Commercial, Corporate & Business Law practice area includes the registration of companies in the Republic of Turkey with foreign capital; formation of joint ventures, ordinary partnerships, branch offices, liaison offices; assisting companies in share transfers between existing foreign and/or domestic shareholders; advising on all legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, management buy-outs, venture capital projects and commercial transactions generally.

  • Mergers and acquisitions,
  • Division of companies,
  • Conversion of company types,
  • Incorporation of companies,
  • Preparation of ordinary and extraordinary general boards of joint stock companies,
  • The preparation of the decision of the shareholders’ assembly of the limited companies,
  • Capital increases and decreases,
  • The amendment of the articles of ıncorporation,
  • Transfer of company share,
  • The lawsuits for the removal of a partner from the partnership,
  • Lawsuits for withdrawal from partnership,
  • Liquidation of company.